About Monica Hemstock

I am a writer, Life-Writing teacher & an Angel Therapy® Practitioner with a Master’s degree in English Literature. I am the author of numerous publications on wellness & co-author and editor of a variety of memoirs. Currently, I am a contributing writer for Healthy Living magazine, in the Bay of Quinte region.


I grew up in a mining town in Northern Canada as the eldest child of two World War Two survivors. (My father was a spitfire pilot & my mother was an air raid warden) My parents, both avid readers, instilled and encouraged the value of reading. My mother read to us most nights when we were children. She would be glad to know her three children all became writers.

The Moose Lake Chronicles is not my personal experience of childhood, although there are definitely elements of it throughout this series. My father was a metallurgist & my mother was a homemaker. However, MOOSE LAKE does reflect the landscape of my childhood and early teens. Most everything else is fictional. It is children’s fiction. My family, however, will probably recognize themselves in the composite characters and outward appearances of some of the children of Moose Lake.

Living completely isolated from major cities, we were below the tree line & therefore surrounded by the rugged and verdant beauty of Nature. My memories include run-ins with skunks, porcupines, moose and a particularly memorable experience in a bush with a bear @ nine years old when off on my own going to the bathroom! Thankfully, the bear was obviously more interested in the blueberries in my basket than he was in me. Summer was a few short months before winter set in. Winter came in October and stayed till May. It was long, cold, and light danced on the ice-clad branches making it look like a frozen fairyland. Shadows from the evergreen trees on the snow were beautiful at twilight as night began to creep in. There was a pervading  sense of quiet and stillness that I drew inside and carry with me. The silence is broken only occasionally by the howl of a wolf, my animal totem.

MOOSE LAKE being the first book of my series, introduces the three main protagonists who are in middle school. Angela & Carrie are best friends and are in grades 4 & 5 respectively. Roland is the somewhat mysterious boy who is new to Moose Lake and who plays a role in their eventual rescue when the girls run away from home to escape facing a bully. Roland is home-schooled by his eccentric Uncle Merle whom we discover more about in subsequent books.

My fictional community of Moose Lake is diverse. The characters have varying backgrounds. There is the strangely British hybrid family of Angela Francis and the Farkas family who are of Hungarian descent & Constable Tracey Villeneuve and the local librarian of Moose Lake, Lily Ongwanada, to name a few. Characters come and go and ‘come and grow’ throughout my series; however, the central protagonists are featured, as one would expect, in every book. Roland Hart is an ‘other –worldly’ character and my illustrator, Risa McEnaney , has captured him perfectly. The second book in the series is entitled Roland To The Rescue.


It is my intention with my children’s books to entertain, educate, enchant and enlighten children. These books are written for children between the ages of seven and ten. My hope is that families enjoy reading these books together. Some of my favourite memories are of reading to and with my daughter as she was growing up.

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